About us

The Beginning

  • Our business started in 1994 when we established The Víz-Stop Ltd. As a family-run enterprise we grew into an insulation company employing 30 permanent employers.
  • At the beginning we started the work with 2 – 3 squads, our profile was mainly bituminous and plastic insulation for small and medium-sized companies.
  • Due to the continuous development and new requests, we managed to broaden the number of employees with 3 squads and together with it we broadened our means with 6 lorries totally equipped with tools.

The Present

  • Parallel with the dynamic increase of the company we broadened our portfolio with new TPO-type insulation.
  • We put a great emphasis on the latest things in the market and satisfaction of the clients’ needs, so besides our new customers we work together with a lot of recurring customers as well now.
  • Due to positive feedbacks, we have won the work of many multinational companies successfully, you can find further information below in the references.
  • The quality of the work done is a key principle in the life of our company, we focus on the appropriate material and qualified workforce continuously.
  •  Due to our mobility, we undertake insulation work construction on any parts of the country even abroad.

The Visions

  • Due to our 25-year work experience, continuous training, combat worthy squads and competitive prices, we have become a determining market player of Hungary.
  • Our aim is to create a service model, which is customer-oriented and built stable and it takes your expectations into consideration.
  • Which strongly relies on our high-level qualifications gained in different segments – industrial buildings, manufacturing plants, warehouses, logistic centres, business centres, commercial buildings, roof insulation of apartment houses with different technologies – and it follows the European standars.